Client Reviews

“During the consult, Mr. Castellanos was more than able to illustrate the knowledge and professionalism needed to be successful in representation.”

- RD

“I appreciated [Mr. Castellanos’] respect and professionalism. I like that he liked my case and told me honestly what he believes will be difficult about it.”

- BS

“…I am really satisfied with the consultation, he [Mr. Castellanos] was so professional, he really guided me and answered all my questions/doubts. I really recommend Mr. Jairo Castellanos!!”

- HT

“Mr. Walsh was professional, knowledgeable and told us everything we needed to know… I would highly recommend him to anyone with an employment issue.”

- LD

“I am completely satisfied and knowledgeable on grounds to proceed in my litigation process. Mr. Castellanos was straight forwards and very truthful…”

- JF

“I never felt rushed and was able to take the time to make sure I fully understood the details of our conversation.”

- KA

“Great advice. Very professional and transparent. Glad to have made my initial consultation it was very enlightening.”

- NC

“Mr. Walsh answered every question with a clear statement of current Texas law on each issue that I presented. He did not rush me…”

- LH

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