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Rob Wiley: My name is Rob Wiley and I'm talking here today with Austin employment lawyer, Colin Walsh. Colin, why don't you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Colin Walsh: Absolutely. My name is Colin Walsh. I work here in the Austin office of Rob Wiley PC and I fight for employee rights. When an employee's been treated badly by his employer, come see me and I'll help you take care of it.

Rob Wiley: What made you want to practice employment law?

Colin Walsh: Well, I like the idea of fighting for something, making a difference in people's lives. Employment law is really interesting because it affects everybody. Everyone's got a job, had a job, or is looking for a job, and I really like the opportunity to help people with everyday situations and solve their problems. I would say that the, the greatest challenge is probably this idea that you don't have rights, that you, that your employer can pretty much do whatever he or she wants to you and you just have to take it because they gave you a job. Once they realize that there are protections, you know, I think it really opens up a lot of avenues for them to be treated fairly and correctly.

Rob Wiley: So, let's say that you're an employee here in Austin, Texas and you feel like there might be something illegal going on at your job, your boss is punishing you unfairly or singling you out for different treatment or even sexually harassing you or not paying you what should somebody in that sort of situation be doing?

Colin Walsh: They should be looking for an employment lawyer. Somebody who's going to know the laws that protect them, know their rights, know their ways to fix that and so, I would recommend to anybody who feels they're being harassed, discriminated or retaliated against to look up an employment lawyer and look for one that's Board Certified because they're going to know all of the laws and remedies that are available to you.

Rob Wiley: And Colin, I understand that you're Board Certified [by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization]. What did you have to do to become Board Certified in labor and employment law?

Colin Walsh: There are several requirements to becoming Board Certified in labor and employment law. First one, is that you have to have a certain number of years of experience and you have to have a certain amount of practice in a particular area. So for example, you have to work on lots of cases you have to take cases through litigation, to trial in order to be Board Certified. And then you have to pass an exam, a 6 hour exam, covering every aspect of employment and labor law.

Rob Wiley: Oh, wow, that's a lot to have to go through to get that certification.

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